Disaar Hair Care Hair Essential Oil Anti-Hair Loss 40ML, DS325-2
4500 S.P

  • 5 big hair loss problems Hot dyeing. Postpartum hair loss Seasonal hair loss Seroborrheic alopecia.
    Congetial alopecia It’s not difficult to prevent hair loss.
    Causes of hair loss Poor quality of your shampoo. Working overtime. Hair dyeing. Working stress. Imbalanced life Smoking, eating spicy food, ect.
    This product can be your own hair repair tool!

    Prevents hair loss from roots. Stop hair loss.
  • Nutrients composition restores hair tube  so it gets strong and thick.
  • Essential oils help your hair grow faster.
  • Vital components flourish hair roots so the density increases. Your own hair repair tool.
  • Repairs follicles and boosts hair growth. Strong anti ageing effect. Naturally healthy and fine hair.