Generic Outdoor Backpack Speakers
16500 S.P

Grab your stuff and be ready to party everywhere you go!!!
Bring it everywhere - good for the beach, picnics, festivals and more.
Works with all devices - it's the backpack with Bluetooth speakers that works with iPhones, Androids, iPads, Tablets & more.
Supporting FM Radio, USB Flash & TF Card.
Sports canvas design, Powerful sound, LED Light and comes with a charging cable.


Brand: Generic.

Model: DJ-727, CH-M34.

Micro SD Support: Yes.

USB Support: Yes.

Charging Time: 2-3 Hrs.                     

Battery: Lithium, 1200mAh.

Transmission distance: 15m.

Speaker diameter: ∅57mm * 2.

Speaker diaphragm: ∅50.9mm * 1.

Output Power: 5W/4Ω × 2.

THD :< 0.5%.

Frequency Response: 80Hz-20 kHz.

Playtime: About 3 hours.

Output voltage: 5V/1A.

TF Card: Max up to 32G.

Power Source: AC, Battery.

Main Item Size: 20* 20 * 4cm.

Weight: 1360g.