Cordless Swivel Sweeper

It is a handy vacuum cleaner that works on batteries and can be used for pumping all types of floor surfaces.

It features a number of improvements, making your cleaning apartments additionally much easier.

The advantage of the latest model G6, it is also in this, that are attached to which two batteries, which further facilitates its use.


For quick cleaning of all types of floor surfaces

With Swivel Sweeperjem can suck hair, pet hair, dust and other contaminants

Head cleaner having brushes that rotate in all directions - 360

Lightweight, versatile, wireless - running on battery, which is charged

Full battery can suck up to 45 min - 2 battery kit

Hygienic collection bin for easy emptying


1 x Swivel Sweeper G6

2 x Rechargeable Batteries

1 x Manuel

1 x Electric Charger

2 x Rods