Seetl - Wood Security - Door
300000 S.P

Seetl - Wood Security - Door

Metal door

1170 x 2070 x 80 mm

These doors greatly increase the degree of protection against breakage, dislocation and theft. It is specialized in sound, heat transfer and fire-proof materials, which is of high specification and universal certificate 2000, ISO9001 ..

There is a wide variety of these doors, which satisfy all tastes and give a sense of comfort and safety and all of them

- They said the door and the mouse

- Each door has a central lock with 10 or 12 tongue

- Fire resistant doors for not less than 30 d

- Fire fighting doors are available

- Thickness of metal door clad in wood 8 cm

- Thickness of metal door 0.8 mm and PCB (detection 1.5 mm)

- Special doors of stainless steel material

Discovery beyond me:

1 - Iron from the inside and copper from the outside

2 - Iron from inside and wood from outside

3 - Iron from inside and outside

We trust that these doors meet all your needs and requirements, hoping your admiration and good choice