YCDC Digital LCD Display Food Thermometer and Timer for Kitchens and BBQ
9700 S.P
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- High quality LCD Display

- Easy-to-use thermometer & timer with an alarm function

- Multi-purpose: can be used in kitchens, factories and with BBQ


- Color: White

- Size: 75 x 75 x 15mm

- Net weight: 87.4g


1. Use one 1.5V, AAA Battery (not included)

2. Switch the TIMER / THERMO to THERMO

3. The "thermo temp" and "set temp" will be displayed, "thermo-temp" shows the current temperature, and "set temp" is showing the set temperature for the alarm function

4. The default "set temp".is 50C. Use the UP or DOWN buttons to set the proper temperature. Hold the DOWN or UP buttons down for a fast decrement or increment in values

5. If you have set a wrong temperature, simply press DOWN and UP simultaneously to reset

6. Press the START button once, and the alarm stand–by mode will replace the setting mode