Universal Fish Eye 3 in 1 Smartphone Camera Lens Wide Angle Macro Mobile Phone Lens, Rose

NOW EVERYONE CAN CAPTURE PROFESSIONAL QUALITY PHOTOS: You don't have to buy expensive photograph prints or pay for individual photo sessions! With this 3 in 1 Phone Camera Lenses Kit, you can capture every special moment, by utilizing your phone's camera feature to its full extent!

3 SPECIALTY CAMERA LENSES: It doesn't take having experience in photography or being well-versed in the professional lingo. You can experiment with the enhanced photographic effects provided by the Tang Phone Camera Lenses Kit! We offer you a superior, wide range Fisheye Lens (180 °range), an astounding 10x Macro Magnifying Lens, to explore the miniscule details of nature and a 0.67x Wide Angle Lens, to capture a panoramic view of any scenery!

WIDELY COMPATIBLE, CAMERA MOUNTING CLIP: This Phone Camera Lenses Kit comes with an extended length lens and phone mounting clip. Superior design ensures smooth, anti-slip adjustment. This clip is compatible with a vast range of devices, such as iPhones, Samsung and Android devices, iPads and other tablets!



Model Number: 3 in 1 Mobile Phone Lenses.

Compatible Brand: Apple iPhones, Blackberry, HTC, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony-Ericsson, Toshiba.

Phone Camera Type: Wide-Angle Len.

Shape: Round.

Material: optical lens + ABS plastic.

Compatible with Phone models: For All Mobile Phones lens Camera.

Lens type: Fisheye + Macro + Wide Angle lens.


1 * 180 degree Fish Eye Lens cam

1 *  10x Macro Lens 

1 *  0.67x Wide Angle Lens

1 *  Pouch

1*   Clip