Universal Multi-Color Portable 10,400 mAh Power Bank For Smartphones
6500 S.P
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Brand : Generic 

Type : kables & Chargers 

Power bank is a handy device when you don’t have any source of energy to charge up your phone or laptop.  Power banks are indeed useful when you travel or get stuck anywhere in remote place, this device is designed to save the source of power in it and delivers when required.  Universal power bank in UAE is now available to bring the feasibility in your life. No worries if your mobile phone battery is dead and you are unable to find a power source as this portable universal power bank could be the utilitarian device in your hand.  Don’t fear of power failure in your phone while having fun on a trip, touring or hiking, universal power bank is all you need with you to handle any undesirable circumstances.  

10,400 mAh power capacity:
This power bank has the huge capacity to store the energy.

 it has the lightning port functionality as well with the USB port for other mobile phones

Huge color variety:

Interestingly universal power bank inside is a monstrous source of power but the look is very compact and trendy. It has a huge variety of colors available like Silver, Black, and Red. You just have to pick your favorite color which also enhances your fashion game and make you style pro. As your personal gadgets reflect your class this elegant universal power bank is the perfect choice enriching the color and substance fusion in your life.