Samsung Gear 360 Spherical Camera, White
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must-have camera for those who like taking snaps every now and then. Released in 2016, it is one of the first attempts of Samsung that shoots at 360 degrees. It was a first generation product when released but later got a few upgrades and some changes to its design. Along with these improvements

Design & Display:

 looks stylish now compared to the previous version. The bulky device which first came out with a spherical shape is now much lighter and sits easily in one’s pockets. Its radical design offers better grip and looks more appealing. The camera comes with a slim handle that also includes the tripod thread. Besides, it features a pair of large lenses, gets dust and water resistance, and there is also a small LCD display with a shutter button positioned nearby. Besides, the camera also includes a microSD slot.


is definitely a great choice in terms of better image quality. Compared to the Kodak Pixpro SP360, it gives a better performance. Interestingly, it can be connected to a computer and live stream 360-degree videos at 4K resolution.the company allows users to experience a decent 360-degree video recording. With balanced color accuracy and exposure, it provides fine details of the images.


Samsung Gear 360 is offered with two 8.4-megapixel cameras that are capable of recording 360-degree 4K videos of 4096×2048 resolution. This resolution is quite better compared to the old version that offered 3840×1920 resolution at 30fps. Its camera can capture sharp and vibrant images even in bright as well as low light conditions. Users can notice the right balance of colors of pictures with very good details.


This camera is offered with a companion app, which is compatible with both iOS and Samsung Galaxy Android smartphones. This application is pretty easy to use for navigation purposes. Using this, the device can be connected to a phone through a WiFi connection. If offers the live view and allows switching between different view modes, which is pretty impressive at this Samsung Gear 360 price.


Launched alongside the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, this camera is equipped with a 1160mAh non-swappable battery that gives a decent performance. Users have to carry a compatible USB-C portable charger to keep it charged throughout the day