35 Below™Compression Socks-As Seen On TV-1 Pair in Black; 2-IN-1 Compression & Warming Socks-Aluminized Thread with Aerospace Fabric Technology

  • PERFECT FOR MILD TO MODERATE SWELLING: Help improve circulation and reduce mild to moderate leg swelling with these machine-washable and dryer-safe 35 Below compression and warming socks. The secure fit helps to reduce chronically tired or aching legs and helps reduce your risk of deep vein thrombosis when worn regularly.
  • IDEAL FOR INDOORS OR OUT: Keep your feet and legs warm while indoors or outdoors with these 2-in-1 nylon compression socks. Ideal for all types of daily activities – long plane rides, long distance driving, walking, running shoveling snow and more.
  • SUPER SOFT STRUCTURE: This pair of super soft compression socks are made with breathable, nylon knit fabric to enhance your comfort level. The aluminized thread with aerospace fabric technology are woven perfectly to provide a lightweight, flexible and secure fit each time you wear them.
  • VERSATILE CLOTHING OPTION: There’s no need to sit at home while wearing compression socks. These soft, nylon and knit compression socks are thin enough to wear underneath your regular socks, yet durable enough to wear alone. The flexible structure offers a comfortable fit and also reflects your own body heat to keep you warm in harsh temperatures.
  • SUPPORT YOU NEED: Whether your feet are aching or your legs are swelling, these black compression socks provide you with the support you need. The aluminized threads woven into the knit fabric is soft to the touch, while the secure fit offers support at 15mmmHG.

Men, women and children deserve foot coverings that offer support for aching and tired feet. These 35 Below compression and warming socks do just that. The thin, lightweight and flexible structure glides seamlessly onto your feet and you can wear these compression socks alone or underneath your regular socks when out and about. At 15mmmHG, these nylon and fabric compression socks provide the support you need to minimize leg swelling and chronically tired legs while reducing your risk of deep vein thrombosis. Stay warm when traveling outdoors or while indoors at work or home when wearing these compression socks that reflect your own body heat. The warm structure enhances your comfort while the aluminized threads woven into the knit fabric offers an even more comfortable, super soft fit. Keep the temperature of your feet just right while providing support for aching and tired legs and feet. Invest in compression socks that are easy to maintain. Available in a number of sizes, our compression socks are machine washable and dryer safe, so you can clean them with your regular loads of laundry. Offering support for mild to moderate leg swelling, these compression socks fit snugly to help you improve circulation while active or inactive.

Product Dimensions: 4.7 x 7.9 x 1 inches ; 4.3 ounces
Color: Black
Size: Small/ Medium/ Large/ X-Large