Allstar Innovations - 3 Second Lash Magnetic Eyelash Accents
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Want to create perfect, beautiful eyelashes in seconds? Now you can! The “As Seen on TV” 3 Second Lash Magnetic Eyelashes are an easy to use magnetic eyelash extensions that instantly accentuates your natural eyelashes in seconds.


HOW IT WORKS: 3 Second Lash™magnetic technology gently “sandwiches” your natural lashes to create bold, full lashes in seconds! The magnets snap together for secure, comfortable, and gorgeous lashes!


Set Includes:


2 Sets of Natural Lashes


1 Set of Bold Lashes


1 Magnetic Storage Case






Place magnetic lash on the outter edge of your natural lash




Place the bottom magnetic lash under your natural lash so magnets attach together




Flaunt your flirty accent lashes!